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Some of the properties measured by our instruments include Setaflash Flash Point, Pensky Martens Flash Point, Tag Closed Cup Flash Point, Smoke Point and Sustained Burning, Vapor pressure, Distillation, Viscosity, Cold flow and freezing point, Hardening and softening, Penetration, Oxidation, Corrosion and Rust, Particulates, residues and composition,  Tribology and bearing lubrication, Foaming, air release and emulsification, Separation and evaporation, Centrifuge equipment, Cetane, Color, Conductivity and insulation, Tank sampling and gauging, Temperature and fluid density, General laboratory equipment, Calibration and verification and Reference materials and standards.

Our instruments and equipment conform with all ASTM Methods where applicable and you will find a handy cross reference to ASTM Methods on our “Test Properties” page.  Many of these are referenced in material specifications such as D975 for Diesel, D6751 for Biodiesel, D1655 for Aviation turbine Fuel, D4814 for Gasoline, D910 for Aviation Gasoline, as well as the equivalent IP specifications and ISO8217 for Fuel Oil.

We would call your attention to several new items including the H2S in liquids analyzer and AvCount particle counter from Seta Analytics, a Silicon in Hydrocarbons Analyzer and a Multiple Element Analyzer from XOS, several new automated and automatic viscometers for low temperature kinematic viscosity and used oil viscosity from PSL/Rheotek and updated precision data for the IQT™ Derived Cetane Tester from AET.

Other supplies include instruments, constant temperature lab baths and controllers, temperature measurement devices, glassware and sampling devices.

In addition to many of the latest automated instruments, we also carry most of the manual equipment for the various ASTM Methods and these are often specified as the referee methods.  You can also find certified and calibrated thermometers and hydrometers as well as certified reference materials for viscosity and other properties.

And we offer a wide range of services including repairs, preventive maintenance and calibration.  In fact, we originally started our business in 1999 as an instrument service organization.

Our mission is to be the best possible service company that just happens to sell the best in lab instruments and accessories.


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