Petroleum Test Instruments from the Best Names in the Business

  • Stanhope Seta; Flash point testers, penetrometers, viscosity baths, refrigeration baths/circulators, oxidation baths, copper/silver corrosion baths, particulates and residues, foam test apparatus and a top shelf centrifuge
  • Seta Analytics; Particle counters for ASTM D7619, H2S measurement in liquids ASTM D7621 and the FIJI for measurement of FAME in fuels in the ppm range
  • XOS; Lab and On-Line elemental analyzers using X Ray technology; including the Sindie line of sulfur analyzers, the Clora analyzer for chlorides (with new lower detection limits). The HD Maxine multi-elemental analyzer, the Signal analyzer for Silicon and the Phoebe for measurement of Phosphorous
  • PSL Rheotek; Manual and automatic viscometers, certified reference materials and certified glass capillary viscometers
  • Orbis BV; The newest and most advanced distillation apparatus for atmospheric distillations available today.  Completely automatic; running from an iPad application.
  • Phase Technology; the market leader in automated equipment for measurements of cloud point, pour point and freeze point (only in the Midwest.)
  • D2 Inc.; Handheld and In-Line conductivity meters and instrument for the measurement of free water in jet fuel
  • Also available through non-exclusive agreements are Tannas Instrument Co., King Refrigeration, ICL Calibration Labs and others

And we offer a wide range of services including repairs, preventive maintenance and calibration.  In fact, we originally started our business in 1999 as an instrument service organization. Our mission is to be the best possible service company that just happens to sell the best in lab instruments and accessories.


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